Pete & Stacy's Spring Chicago Wedding

Working so closely with wedding couples is an honor.  Working with this couple was incredible.  I know I compliment all of the couples that I work with but there was something special about Pete and Stacy.   From the epic party they threw to the people they chose to be in their wedding party it was all done with a sense of class and elegance while making everyone (including myself) feel right at home.  That's a tough balance to perfect but these two seemed to do it with ease.  

So here at Character D, we like to experiment with new ideas.  We decided to try a new style of video for Pete and Stacy.  They loved it.  However, I realized that I went and did my own thing without really consulting them, so I took it upon myself to create two versions of their wedding film.  The second is closer to what we have been doing historically.  The first, well... you'll see.  We were inspired by a film company in California that we recently had the pleasure of speaking with at a job.

So a little more about  film #1, you'll notice that it's much faster paced than our usual work.  Some people are very sweet and cuddly and like their stuff done like a romantic love story.  Others (like Pete and Stacy) are super cool relaxed kind of folks that might get a little squeamish around all that mushy stuff ;)

Sometimes you need to work those creative muscles.   If you don't use em you lose em.  Is that true?

I thank Pete and Stacy for the honor of being a part of their wedding and letting me follow them around all day.  It was a true pleasure.  Class acts, the both of them.