There are many different things that make a great wedding film.  Jim and Amy had some that made their's extra great. They are kind, funny, willing to work with the camera, open to cool filming ideas, they had an amazing venue and they hired Character D Films ;)

About a year ago, only a few weeks after I had started to shoot weddings, I got a a call from a wedding coordinator out of Chicago named Melissa Phillips.  I was confused.  I thought, "how is a wedding coordinator out of Chicago calling me when i've only put up my website a few days ago?"  Well as it turned out it was another friend of mine Victoria Preston who had referred her.  

A still image captured from a moment captured while filming. 

A still image captured from a moment captured while filming. 

Naturally I was excited to see business begin to roll in.  What I didn't expect was the incredibly planned, absolutely amazing wedding I was getting myself into.  

I hadn't met Jim or Amy until their wedding day.  This is unusual because I usually like to meet a couple and sit down over a cocktail to discuss what they're looking for.  One of the great benefits of hiring a wedding planner like Melissa is that she takes care of everything for the couple.  So...with the exception of the wedding planner's notes, I was walking into this one blind.  To my relief, Amy and Jim were incredibly kind, fun, well spoken and charismatic and full of class.  They're also great looking people so that doesn't hurt. 

Their wedding was held at the amazing Pritzlaff building in downtown Milwaukee.  This is one of those locations that came out of nowhere a few years ago.  It was an abandoned warehouse for as long as I can remember, but it was one of those old structures that looked like it had tons of potential.  I would often sit across the river from the Pritzlaff at Water Buffalo and wonder why nobody had made something amazing out of it.  Well, someone did.  

In the end, Amy and Jim's wedding was a super high class event without an ounce of stuffiness.  I was incredibly impressed by everyone at their event.  Thank you to Amy and Jim for trusting me and allowing me to capture your day.  

Assistant Videographer: Christopher Ehrfurth

Venue: Pritzlaff Building

Wedding Planner: Melissa Phillips

Photographer: Valo Photography

Caterer: Chef Jack's

Florist: Yanni Design

DJ and Lighting: Sound by Design

Ice Sculpture: Art below Zero

Makeup: Ryan James

Music: Aaron Krause - Licensed by