Frequently Asked Questions....

Q: Why should I get a wedding film? 

A: Because nobody ever said, "I wish I hadn't had a film created of the greatest, most important day of my life".  Because it's something that you can watch on your 50th wedding anniversary with you grandchildren.  Because here at CDF we try to recreate some of the feeling of what it was like to be there that day so people that couldn't be there (your kids) can be a part of it.  Whew! Sorry to go so deep! I got carried away for a minute.  MOVING ON!

Q: Do you travel?  If so, where?

A:  Yes!  We are based in Milwaukee, WI, but we are available worldwide and often shoot across the US and internationally.

Q: How do you get those aerial shots? They're the greatest thing I've ever seen. 

A: Thanks, we think so too.  We bring a "quadcopter" with an attached camera.  It's pretty awesome.  We are also officially certified for commercial flight by the FAA.  All aerial videographers need this certification to capture drone footage for a service, so we're pretty proud to have earned it (more info on this)!  Please keep in mind that this service is dependent upon weather and (rare) FAA temporary flight restrictions.  We will only use it in appropriate locations and under specific circumstances subject to local FAA guidelines and laws.  But seriously it's super cool.

Q: I only see one video package listed.  Why is that?

A: Good question.  We really only have one package to offer.  The reason we choose to operate this way is because we have your best interests in mind.  If we decided to have a 6 hour base package, there would be some people that would choose that option.  This would mean that there would be important moments of the day that would not make it into the final cut.  We want all of our films to be the best that they can be.  We want all of our products to be as complete as possible.  This is why we offer our services as a 10 hour package.  Additional hours are often not necessary but are available. 

Q:  I want my ceremony shot in its entirety.  Will you give me that?

A:  If you've seen our films you'll notice that we aren't really that type of service.  We like to call ourselves cinematographers because we try to make your entire wedding day look like a movie.  However, we aren't jerks and the truth is we are capable of making that happen for you.  It would likely be an a la carte option with an additional fee as it would be a lot more footage to edit. 

Q: I'd like all of the raw footage that you shoot.  Will you give me that? 

A: The cost for raw footage is dependent upon the amount of material captured.  We can give  you your raw footage on a flash drive (generally) for the cost of the storage device.  Generally it runs in the ballpark of  $75. 

Q: How do I secure you for my date?
A: Head on over to our 'Contact' page and let us know what you are looking for and the date of your event.  We will then let you know if we have your date open.  If we do, we will ask you if you'd like to sit down over a glass of wine or touch base over the phone.  If you feel confident without having a meeting then that's fine too.  Either way, when you're comfortable we can draft a contract and send it over to you.  Once we have received the signed contract and a deposit, your date is set in stone.  

Q: In your opinion, what makes a great video? 

A: There are so many variables.  Every wedding is unique.  Different people, different personalities.  Different locations.  We try to show off the bride and groom.  They are the stars of our films.  The more they are willing to be a part of, the better.  For instance here are some tips for a stellar video:

  • Send each other a note on your wedding day
  • Be willing to read that note in privacy with a camera rolling.  
  • Say your own vows (if possible, we know this isn't always an option).  
  • Be willing to sit with us and a camera for a few minutes before the ceremony.  
  • Be willing to say something nice and heart-felt to your guests at the reception.  
  • See if you can keep the people giving speeches sober.  Ha!  But seriously...
  • THINK ABOUT LIGHTING!! Where are you getting ready? Where are you getting your dress on? Where is your seat at the salon? Make sure you're always positioned so that you're near the most natural light possible.  

Q: Do you have a Facebook page?

A: We're exclusive to MySpace.  Kidding.  Find us at !