Q: Why should I get a wedding film? 

A: Because nobody ever said, "I wish I hadn't had a film created of the greatest, most important day of my life".  Because it's something that you can watch on your 50th wedding anniversary with you grandchildren.  Because with a recap of your special day, those that couldn’t be there (your kids), can someday look back and enjoy it too.

Imagine if the Superbowl or the Oscars took place with no video coverage. It would still be an amazing event, but… wouldn’t that be weird if no one were there to capture it?

Q: I’m new to this (of course). How should I prepare for the filmmaking process?

A: From the moment you book to the day you receive your film, you’ll be taken care of and pointed in the right direction! I’ll listen to your plans for the day, find out what your photographers and/or planners have worked out for locations, send you a questionnaire to get all the details when they’re ready, coordinate to be in the right places at the right times (early, probably), and let you know just where I’ll need you to be and what to do to make every shot perfect.

Q: Will it be easy to work with my photographer?

A: Whether we’re meeting your photographer for the first time, or working with an old friend, our goals are the same on your special day: to capture everything well—AND THEY KNOW IT TOO. Chances are we’ve either been teamed up in the past and know just how to work around each other, or we greet each other at the start of the day warmly and get a game plan right off the bat. By the end of the evening we’ve followed each other on Insta and have a bigger network than when we started! Honestly, this happens pretty much every time, whether we’re working with someone from Milwaukee or from overseas!

The vendors in our area are some of the most professional, good-natured people in the world! I can’t say enough about how well we work with other photographers, so you needn’t worry about this part!

Q: Do you travel?  If so, where?

A:  Yes!  I’m based in Milwaukee, WI, but I often work in Chicago, Madison, Green Bay, and other parts of the U.S., from Sedona to California. I’m available worldwide and will shoot internationally when I can.

Q: Can we get drone footage?

A: Uhhh.. YAH. Drone video is included in every package. Some restrictions apply for safety reasons of course (not gonna take off in a snowstorm!), but I do everything I can to get you drone footage from your special day! Mostly because I love flying the drone. Also, can’t help but mention that I’m totally commercially certified!

Q:  I want my ceremony shot in its entirety. And all the speeches from the reception… And a GoPro edit from our honeymoon!  Can you do that?

A: I am totally prepared to offer you these additional services! Please bring them up during our consultation and I’ll be happy to tell you about pricing and details.

Q: Do you offer raw footage?

A: YUP. Your raw footage is included in every package! 🎉

Q: How do I secure you for my date?
A: Head on over to my 'Contact' page and let me know what you are looking for and the date of your event. Then I’ll provide you with more service info and arrange a consultation. Once we take care of the contract and deposit, your date will be booked!

Q: Do we have to feed you at the reception?

A: I know you have a lot of guests to feed, but I kindly request for my crew to be fed with the guests at dinner, to be present, fed, and ready to capture important events. In the event that you just can’t accommodate us, a half-hour break will be taken during dinner. Certain events may not be captured in this case, so I strongly recommend the former option.