Carly and Bill were married at the beautiful Shully's in Thiensville, WI.  When I first met Carly it was to discuss she and Bill's upcoming wedding and see if we were a good fit for what would become an exceptionally beautiful wedding.  What I didn't expect was that Carly is a bit of a social media queen.  She has thousands of Instagram followers and I believe has/had a very popular fashion blog.  She was floored when she found out that Character D didn't have an Instagram account.  "You have to start one", she sternly insisted.  So, we took her advice of the social media savant and started one!  Thanks to Carly's push we now know how to use a hashtag.  #thankscarly

We had never shot a wedding at Shully's which is always an interesting experience.  From our angle, we have to try to make everything as beautiful as possible.  Not all venues are created equal so there's always a sense of anxiety when the team enters something unknown.  As it turns out, making the venue look beautiful was as easy as turning the camera on.  WOW.  The ceremony was in their outdoor space right up against the river.  The weather was warm, the sun was shining, and the leaves had just begun to start falling for the season.  With every slight breeze a handfull of small yellowish leaves would rush over the ceremony.  It was a truly amazing scene. 

Carly and Bill were just so great to work with.  They were enjoying their day and weren't overly wrapped up in the details of the day which always makes for a relaxed and joyous environment.  The wedding party was excited, happy and supportive throughout every moment of the day which helped to take pressure off of the bride and groom.  Everything happened as it was planned and appeared to do so with little effort (which usually means there was an exceptional amount of planning before-hand).  

The first dance was a surprise arranged by the Bride's twin sister.  Country music star Russell Dickerson showed up on the stage with his acoustic guitar.  He performed his hit song 'Your's' which turned out absolutely perfect.  Check out his video here--->>>

The rest of the night was filled with Irish dancing (Carly is a world class professional Irish Dancer) and partying to the live band North Coast Orchestra who absolutely tore it up all night.  Having been in a wedding band for more than 10 years, I can honestly say I was really impressed at how great they were.  

We'd like to thank Carly and Bill for choosing to trust Character  D Films with their wedding.  We were a friend referral and we were still pretty new when they booked us so they took a risk on us and we're grateful for that.  

Cinematographer: Character D Films

Photographer: June & Jae Photography

Band: North Coast Orchestra

First Dance Performance: Russell Dickerson

Venue: Shully's Events and Catering