I met with Krista only a few weeks before her wedding.  We had a brief conversation over coffee which didn't allow for much time for me to dig into their story.  A week before their wedding Krista and Brian sent in our form which gave me a closer look at who they are and what their relationship is all about.  

Brian moved next door to Krista in 1995 when they were eight and seven years old (respectively).  This is  like cinematographer gold.  They were friends and went on vacations together as their parents were close friends as well.  As they grew up, they remained friends but when Brian was a freshman in college and Krista was a senior in high school, their perspectives on one another changed (as they do).  They have been together ever since. 

I learned that they have been through a lot together.  He was there while Krista lived through the passing of her mother, Robin.  You can sense that everyone was thinking of her throughout the entire wedding.  I could see how strong they had become after having to exercise those emotional muscles and recoup.  He is the strong, silent type and she is the talkative outgoing one.  They balance one another very well.

If I was a betting man, I'd bet on these two. 


Photography: Amarie Photography