Brian and Jackie are on the short list of my favorite couples.  Friendly, personable, charismatic, well-spoken and the list goes on.  They are meant for each other, there's no doubt about that.  When you hear their stories you'll agree with me.  They were married at Old St. Mary's Church in downtown Milwaukee and had their reception at the War Memorial on Lake Michigan.  Both locations were perfect.

Last fall I got an email from Brian and Jackie.  They wanted to meet to talk about all of the services that Character D offered.  We had JUST started offering all three (video, photo & floral) products so it was an exciting meeting for me.  I sat down with them at Palms in Milwaukee's Third Ward.  

After some small talk, Jackie mentioned that she was from Nebraska.  Some of my closest friends don't know this, but I lived in Nebraska as a child.  She asked me what town I was from.  I told her that I was from an unknown little farming town called West Point.  She sat there across the table from me with a look that said, "did someone put you up to this?".  And then she actually said it.  As it turns out she and I are from the same tiny ~3,610 person town.  How weird is that?  Brian didn't seem shocked, apparently it happens all the time!  Who knew?  I'm going to have to start asking people where they're from more often.  

So, in the end, they wanted it all and then some... video, photo and floral.  However, one of Jackie's relatives is a videographer and has a very interesting service that he provides.  He shoots Q&A videos that get shown at the wedding reception.  Jackie wanted this.  I had never done it... but I said I could do it because I figured I could pull it off.  It was a ton of work that day, but it went very well.  Check it out!  

The Character D team and I feel honored to have been a part of Brian & Jackie's wedding.  There was just something very special about it.  It had that 'wow factor'.  It felt like we were in the middle of a real love story.  Thank you so much for having us you guys!   


Video: Character D Films

Photo: Mendel House (Character D Team)

Floral: Busy Bee Floral (Character D Team)

DJ: Spinn Doctors Entertainment & Events 

Ceremony Venue: Old St Mary's Catholic Church

Reception Venue: Milwaukee War Memorial


Video Music: Licensed through