photo credit: Brian Slawson Photography

Hi!  I'm Thomas, the guy behind Character D Films.  A life-long passion for visual creativity is the bedrock for my work.  I cannot remember a time when movies didn't seem like the greatest way to shape a beautiful story.  Now I shape those stories every day, and they're some of the most gorgeous love stories I've ever had the pleasure of capturing.

I developed the language of video as a boy--one who was enchanted by film and the power of emotion that it wielded.  I honed the ability to speak that language at the Communication division of the University of Wisconsin--Stevens Point.  After expanding that language at the Peck School of the Arts in Milwaukee, I dove into the realm of wedding cinematography, and I've never looked back!

I would love to chat with you about your dream wedding film, coverage for your next big event, a really compelling ad that your company needs, gush over the latest episode of Game of Thrones, or exchange rib recipes!  You can quickly and easily reach me on our Contact page.



"Character D..." what a strange name for a video production company, right?  There's a method to the madness.  Character D is just short for "Character Development."  Every story has its characters.  We feel that developing those characters helps your audience to "connect" more closely to your story.  If you're getting married, those characters are the two of you.  If you have a business, perhaps the story is that of the people that make up your business, your organization's personality or even the product you produce.  The idea is to create a relationship between those who are watching your story and your audience.

Your wedding day is about you and the person you love.  It doesn't belong to anyone else.  Your business is about something unique.  Your music is art that you brought into this world.  At Character D Films, we strive to capture and develop the story of you, your business, your art.  It will be your story and yours alone.  Nobody will have a film, promo, or ad like yours.  It belongs to you.